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Product  Information Packing Information
Item No LuvA-PUREAIR   /  Made in Korea Packing coloured box
FOB Port  Korea Carton L(cm) W(cm) H(cm)
Unit-Price   Carton Size 40 40 59
Remarks(Filter) E-Nano filter(1) + UPI-Hades filter(1) + Carbon filter(1) Carton CBM 0.10 CBM
Product / Packing Siz 193X193X254mm  /  200mmX200mmX265mm Q'TY/Inner Box 1 pc
Product Net Weight 1.8kg Q'TY/CTN 6 pcs
MOQ 1,000 pcs G.W 16.5kg N.W 14.4kg
Lead Time Within 30days after receipt of L/C at sight or T/T Container Q'TY(pcs) 20 FT 40FT  
Product Color Available to choice color when purchase by conatiner    2,154 4,350  
Function of Product   Function, Feature & Efficacy of Each filter ( 4in1 function)
   ■  Aromatherapy Functions
 ▶ Optional Consumer Use
 ○  Advantage that  take a good sleep and stability. 
   ■  UPI(Ultra Plasma Ion)-Hades Filter
         : Sterilization / Deodorization/ Neutralization 
 ▶  When Nano Plasma discharge on the electrode surface of atoms ,
      which generated Active hydrogen  (H +) and oxygen ions .
      ①  Oxygen ions + Active hydrogen (H+)  = Generated  OH Radical (Harmless to Human body)
           → Powerful sterilization, deodorizing effect (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.)   
      ② Active hydrogen (H+) + Active oxygen = Neutralized to water molecules. (Harmless to Human body)
           → Neutralized  water molecules  are  fly into the air
 ○ Powerful sterilization, deodorization, Neutralize harmful substance (Active oxygen) effect :
     Consistently  emission  more than1.2m/cc  of  Active hydrogen  &  Oxygen ion
Available to choice color    ■ e-Nano Filter
        : : Collect fine dust under PM 2.5 - Odors / Bacteria / smoke
Voltage In/Out put AC 100V-220V, 50-60HzDC / 12V, 1A    ▶  e-Nano filter is invented under the premise that all materials in the world have polarity (+,-).
       Inside the filter, there exists an air passage in zigzag form which maximizes the time of air
       remaining insid the filter. In this way, the polarized (+,-) stati electricity inside the passage
       is actuated to create a space where various dusts and odors are accumulate.
Power Consumption 4.8W
Area coverage Up to 36㎡ (97㎥=6X6X2.7m)
Material Main Body ABS, PP, Silicon  ○ Applying the special principal of e-Nano filter collect more than 99% of general pollutant
      as well as  harm to human body of micro fine dust under PM2.5, odors, virus, and various
      indoor pollutants using by only one filter.
      Specially, excellence for reducing density of indoor air pollutants such as micro fine dust
      under 0.1 ㎛, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde (HCHO) and Cigarette smoke.
Filter UPI-Hades Filter(50X40X11mm/1pc) / PCB, PP
e-Nano Filter(Ø164X25mm/1pc) / PP
3D Carbon filter(Ø135X8mm/1pc) / Carbon    ■ Customized  3D Carbon Filter
       : Customized  Deodorization
Composition Main Body, 3type of Filters, Adapter, Manual
Size/Weight 260X160X260mm  /  1.8Kg   ▶ Granular activated carbon catalyst in the process created a new processing method of 3D
       shape filter,  it effectively deodorize to offensive odors and harmful substances. 
Certification Patent (2) / CE, UL, PSE, CCC, KC, etc.
Test Report
(Present Jul,2013)
 sterilization(3), Deodorization(4), Virus(2), etc(2)   ○ To remove aldehydes mainly on sick building syndrome such as smell of formaldehyde and volatile,
      cigarettes containing various odor(acetic acid), general indoor's smell.
   Feature & Efficacy 
    ■ Small but High Performance 4 in 1 Function :   Air Purification (Remove dust) /  Sterilization, Deodorization, Neutralization of harmful substance/ Removed Odors  / Aromathrapy
1)  UPI-Hades Filter Generated Hydroxyl Radical(OH Radical) = Active hydrogen (H+)+Oxyzen Ion (O2-) / Powerful effect of 99.99% to sterilization, deodorization,neutralization of harmful sustance.
        -  OH Radical is non-toxic natural substance that  harmless to human body, and can be chemically removed, sterilization, disinfection of virus, bacteria, fungi and all of contaminants.
           (more than 2000 times effect of Ozone, 180 times faster than the sun's UV rays oxidation rate)
        -  Effectively sterilizing various bacteria in the air (within 5~10 second), food poisoning bacteria : E. coli bacteria / mold (fungus) / bacteria / Salmonella / Staphylococcus aureus / Vibrio / Legionella /
           SARS / bird flu / O-157 ,ets. effect to almost of all fungal diseases.
       -  The reacts with pollutants in the air and contaminants by restoration to safe water(H2O).
2)  Applying the special principal of e-Nano filter collect more than 99.7% of general pollutant as well as harm to human body of micro fine dust under  0.3㎛.
        - Collect Micro fine dust under PM2.5, Cigarette smoke.     
        - Excellence for reducing density of indoor air pollutants such as micro fine dust under 0.1 ㎛, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde (HCHO), Toluen, nitrogen oxides (NOX), sulfur oxides (SOX). 
        - Collect to a major cause of flu, insect secretions, pollen, mold, bacteria and the sick building syndrome, rhinitis, asthma, allergic.
3)  Customized 3D Carbon Filter collect and effectively deodorize to offensive odors and harmful substances
        - To remove aldehydes mainly on sick building syndrome such as smell of formaldehyde and volatile.
        - To  remove mainly for cigarettes containing various odor (smell of acetic acid )
        - Remove general indoor's smell such as Ammonia.     
4)  Aromatherapy function for consumers needs of stability and good sleep.   LuvA-PUREAIR  Products Color
5)  The unit operates high efficiency and very low noise of 36dB for general and sleeping use. PureAir_BK.png
6)  e-Nano filter can be re-use after 3~6month wash on the water and thoroughly dry.
7)  Equipped do not need permanent replacement UPI(Ultra Plasma Ion)-Hades Filter
8)  Equipped  LED signal lamp for indicate filter cleaning time.
9)  Designed for small space of optimal performance effects and affordable price with higy performance.
10)  Use of DC12V, 1A electrical power of stability and low maintenance costs by reuse filter.
11)  Patent and more than 10 case of Certificate and verification of product reliability and excellent performance.

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